If YOU Sell Like A Professional, Customers Will Pay More

You ever work like a true professional sales person, while everyone else is standing around watching you and talking how you always get the Easy One’s.  They talk about how you always luck out, and they always get the hard one’s.  When the fact of the matter is they are lazy, take short cuts, and fail to build value in Themselves, the Product, the Relationship, and the Store.

“It’s amazing the harder I work, the luckier I get.”

Work Hard

Don’t ever believe you are above, or below any part of your job.  If you work hard, pay attention and are truly passionate about what you do customers will be attracted to this.  When you run around without a clue of what your doing; customers can tell.  Just like when you run around with a purpose, getting stuff done, and creating results it shows you know how to get things Done !  Be a leader and excel.  Focus on what the customer tells you they want, and create results while creating value.  When you work hard people will see this, and want to deal with you because you create results.

Be Professional In Everything You Do

When you hold your head high, walk around your store like you own it; or at least built it you put out an essence people want to be a part of.  Customers want to buy from you, fellow sales people want to be you, and management is appreciative or afraid of you depending on their personality.  You don’t just play the part of the Sales Professional you are the part.  You spew confidence in all your moves, conviction in all you say, and create value in your relationship from the meet and greet to final delivery.  When your at work, out with the family or friends, at church or a local event be the professional in all you do and everyone will want a part of it and will want to deal with you.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short, Ask For All The Money

Don’t ever under estimate your value, those below and behind you will do enough of that.  Always wake up looking at yourself in the mirror believing you are the best and unstoppable.  Enough people will doubt you and hate on you because of the talents and positivity you present.  You have to be your biggest and most loyal fan during the Highs and the Lows.  Whenever you work a deal that has grief and obstacles; keep the faith, stay confident, hold your head up, and get it done.  Remember if you do all the things I told you to above your service should never be about cost.  The service you provide is worth more then your competition down the street.  You are worth paying more for, and a price war shouldn’t happen often if you act like a professional, create value in all you do, and take the pain out of the deal.  Never become a price slashing sales person, become a value at the price you tell them is fair.  After all there are restaurants where a meal is $100 each and restaurants where the meal is $5 each.  People pay for professionalism and value. 

I have learned in my over 15 years or retail auto sales.  It took me some time to find my strongest talents, and I’m still learning everyday from my co-workers, competition, and most importantly my customers.  Often I learn what not to do by watching people.  When something works utilize and perfect that selling tool.  When something doesn’t work, toss it to the curb.

Never doubt your abilities, never believe your above or below any activities of your job, and always remember: If you sell like a professional, customers will pay more.

Another Motivational sales blog-post written by Noel S. Walsh I.  The owner, lead-trainer, writer, and consultant from NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating.  From Ann Arbor, Mi. and now St. George, Ut.

“You don’t know what it’s going to be, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

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Purpose Equals Passion

“Realize every morning you get up, and get ready for work that you need to know your purpose.  You need to know what your purpose is for that day, for that week, for that month, for the year, and most important for your career.  Activity without purpose is wasted energy, and purpose without passion is non-existent.” – Noel S. Walsh I

When you go to work, go to work to work and to grow.  Walk into work with a purpose of what you are Going to Accomplish, and have a game plan on how to get there.

Be Passionate

Whatever you do in life, whether it’s mopping floors, serving hamburgers, running a company be Passionate.  When you are passionate about your job/role in life and for a business although rarely commented on you are noticed.  Not only are you noticed, you feed the team and your co-workers to have pride and passion in what it is they do, and what how they do it.

Have you ever went to a McDonalds or any like restaurant and had some one who was enthusiastic and passionate when they greeted you and took your order?  Consciously and or Un-consciously you were surprised, pleased, and will have a good feeling about that brand and store, and will likely recommend and return to that exact location hoping for that purposeful and enthusiastic employee.

My dad used to ask “You know what the number one thing that sells cars is ????  Enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm is a hybrid of passion, purpose, and excitement.  It cannot be taught, but like a fever is contagious and corruptive (In a good way). 

Enthusiasm is the driving force of the feeling a customer gets in their bones after they have dealt with you , and they look forward to retrieving that same feeling the next time they deal with you.  People don’t usually remember the deal they got with you, the steps it took to get there, but they never forget the feeling they got when they did business with you.  Never think your too big for what it is you do, and be enthusiastic doing your job.  Do Your Job With Passion.

Do Your Job With A Purpose

Passion is the driving force of your purpose, and creates the feelings needed to start and keep the business-consumer relationship going and growing.  Purpose in what you do proves your are the professional they were searching for when they set out on their journey to buy and spend their money. 

As I stated above no matter what your role is do it with a purpose.  The purpose of holding your role and doing it efficiently with pride.  The purpose of helping your fellow employees fulfill their role and job.  The purpose of starting small and growing big.  The purpose of starting out pushing a broom and growing to running the company.  The purpose of learning from the vets, and eventually leading the rookies.  The purpose of not creating or fueling a problem, but offering or creating a solution. 

Have purpose in everything you do, with everyone you meet big or small and you will have fortune beyond your goals in all aspects of your life.  Just do it for 40 days and you will see what I say come to fruition.

Because to truly be successful at anything in life you need to do it with a purpose.  To truly fulfill your purpose in life you need to be passionate about what you are doing, no matter how big or small.  Do what you do with a purpose, and do it passionately.

Another Motivational Blog-Post written by Noel S. Walsh I.  The owner, lead trainer, lead writer of NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating.  From Ann Arbor, Mi. and now St. George, UT.

“You don’t know what it’s going to be, and that’s a beautiful thing.”




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How To Build A Clientele In Car Sales

The way to truly become successful and a money making machine in car sales is by building a Clientele.  Yes people if you focus on One thing it’s being real, taking care of people and building a residual paying Clientele.

Make Every Deal

In your early career in Sales you first job is to learn as much as you can from the pros and your managers, talk to as many people as you can, and make every deal when there is a shred of a chance.  By making these deals and learning as much as you can, your building a Clientele.  While closing deals and learning the systems and processes your gaining wisdom and value.  Your learning how to close deals.  Your learning how to overcome objections while building value in yourself and the product.  Sometimes you may not want to take a skinny deal because the customer is a pain.  But remember every deal you make; you deliver another car, make a commission, and now have new future car deal, as well as referrals in the future.  Don’t ever think your too big, focus on building your Future through building a Clientele.

Stay With One Brand and One Dealership

The longer you stay with a brand and in the same dealership you create familiarity and trust in yourself to the customer.  This is proving that you are a professional who has been with the same brand at the same place, and you are going to be right there when they need you.  When you switch dealerships the nation average is 20% of customers will follow a good sales person.  That means if you switch dealers 80% of what you built into a Clientele is not gonna chase you down and will move on.  That also means 80% of your referrals will never make it to you.  Make it easy for your customers to find you.


Some regions are so terrified of leasing, and think they’re doing their customer a justice by putting them in long term purchases at high rates are crazy.  Lease as many people as you can for the shortest term you can.  Leasing is actually doing you, your customer, and your whole dealership a service.  Here’s some math:
24 mo lease
8 years
2 cars every 24 mo = 8 cars
That’s 8 cars in 8 years for a couple

72 mo buy
8 years
2 cars every 4 years = 4
That’s 4 cars in 8 years for a couple in buys.

Reason being that most people put little to no money down and finance 72 mo, and longer in some places.  You won’t be able to trade them out without negative equity usually until 2/3rds through the contract which would be 4 years.

So by putting them in leasing, you have no trade in to deal with, which no one is ever happy with what their trade is worth.  You have a guaranteed shot at their business in 20-24 months.  You are keeping their payment low, and keeping them out of high repair costs.

Really leasing is a win win for everyone involved.
Your keeping the customer in a brand new car with low maintenance at an affordable payment.
Your keeping your manufacturer selling their product, at a residual pace.
Your keeping your dealership selling new cars, doing the maintenance, and keeping them loyal to you and the dealership for all their car needs.
You get to start taking advantage of those residual commissions every 2 years. A Clientele that promotes leasing, you, the brand, and the dealership.
If you aren’t leasing your missing the boat, because leasing is where it’s at in new car sales.

Stay In Touch, Mail and Prospect

“Customers don’t always remember the deal they got dealing with you, but the always remember the feeling they got dealing with you.”  Make your customers feel good about themselves and what they buy.

To keep the Clientele warm and fuzzy for you, you have to stay in their memory so that when someone talks about a car, they start talking about you.
Yes you should send out monthly emails.
Mail them a Christmas and Birthday card.
Mail them promotional specials on vehicles and service often.
Mail out lease renewal, customers in equity and special program letters bi-annually.
Mail thanks for stopping in and thanks for buying cards.
Mail thanks for stopping into service, and sorry I missed you cards.
Mail and email out a blog, newsletter, or Pro Tips every quarter.
Always visit and chat while they are in the service lounge. This will concrete your relationship with them and prove you are there to help.  Whenever your customers walk up to your deal or you see them around the dealership, chat with them.  They want to know you remember them, and care enough about them to see how things are going.

Be Genuine & Be Yourself

It’s that easy, be genuine and be yourself.  If you are real with people and let them grow to like, trust, and appreciate you, you will then get the real them.  A loyal customers who trusts you and your abilities and is happy to tell and refer others to you.  Being yourself, having integrity, and being one of your word will payoff dividends for your career and life beyond Belief.

Another motivational Sales Blog Post written by Noel Walsh Creator, Owner, Lead Trainer & Writer from NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating of Ann Arbor, Mi and recently St. George, Ut.

“You don’t know what it’s going to be, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

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Dust Off Your Inner Star And Shine

Life in general and a life in Sales especially is a up and down roller coaster. You have to learn to enjoy and relish the Ups and strive through and come out on top from the Downs. Being a successful person and a successful sales person takes a personality trait called Capacity. When you carry this personality trait fueled with Confidence and Ambition you are a force to be reckoned with that Can and Will weather the storms and flourish in the Spring.


To become this Confident and Ambitious Selling machine that has a Capacity that cannot be broken you need to be a Trained-Professional. This means turning every obstacle into an opportunity to help fix someone’s problems and Conquer their Pain. Capacity cannot be trained in a book or in a class room it must be confronted head on and become part of your personality. Capacity is the Drive and Will you exhaust when taking a challenge head on and Conquering that challenge to get the result for your client you set to accomplish.


The first step to Buck up to the challenge is Being and Releasing pure Enthusiastic Confidence. Yes Confidence is the horsepower that gets you to the speed you want to travel. The speed that few have the ability to travel and even fewer have the Capacity to keep that speed of travel going. Ignoring PAIN, SETBACKS, and OPPOSITION is what it takes if you want to succeed. Sad but true most people would rather see you fail then succeed, and nearly everyone in your life wants you to do just a little worse than they are, but not Better. The ability to keep your relationships, excel and succeed in business, and keep moving forward is the capacity you need to have if you want to be on top.

Unfortunately the knock downs and setbacks can bring you to the level most would rather see you, but you don’t want to accept. Dealing with emotions like this in life can kill your confidence and slow your hopes and dreams. This is where you need to focus on that ball of light and energy that so shines in you does not burn out.

We all face cobwebs in our head and can and will eventually let people bring us down to there comfortable level. Don’t change who you are to make others happy. Yet let that opposition you face fuel you to become greater than you ever imagined. Dust off your inner star and shine. Shine at a level you or anyone who knows you ever imagined. Let you mind overcome the matter. Push well after you wanted to quit. Have the capacity to overcome, learn from, and conquer every obstacle you face.

We all get to the point where we feel it would be easier to quit, but in the long run is it worth it? Whatever it is we face will come back in three different ways:

1. We run from it = It will follow us

2. We hide from it = It will find us

3. We face it = We will conquer it

No matter what you do, before you quit something ask yourself: Will the fear I face now be worse than the disappointment I will have that I didn’t face it?

Another motivational blog post written by Noel Walsh, Owner, Lead Writer, Lead Trainer, Consultant, Motivator from NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating. From Ann Arbor, Mi. and St. George, UT.

“You don’t know what it’s going to be, and That’s a beautiful thing.” 

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A Car Sales Person’s Guide to Income Levels

A Car Sales Person’s Guide to Income Levels

When you are in commission sales you in various ways have the ability to dictate your income. There are many outside factors that will affect your ability to earn such as; inventory, weather, market trends, good or bad press, gas prices, interest rates, size of your dealer, brand you sell, management/owners and thousands of others.

The most important factor that dictates your overall income; where you fall with your peers, and where you rate at is, Yourself.

An ambitious, hungry sales person with a family to support and a lot of overhead is more likely to earn more and do what it takes to grow. Compared to a person who just wants a job, has to have a job, has low overhead, or someone in the family who is the bread winner will often not have the same hunger and ambition as the strapped sales person.

Ultimately the outside factors are a force, but the ambitious one will overcome and change them. The ambitious sales person destined for success will do what they need to do to survive, grow, move forward and Conquer Success. Where the sales person who looks at it simply as a job will most likely not last long. The unsuccessful sales person will Pick up the habits of the other unsuccessful sales people. They will all huddle together, being underachievers, complain how it can’t be done while watching the Ambitious sales person do it in front of their eyes. They will then try and take away their hard work by down playing the ambitious sales persons success as un-earned and given to them from the management.

Here are the III Levels of a Car Sales Person’s income and where it rates you compared to your peers.

Where do you rate, and how long did it take you to get there? I started at a high Level I, after moving to a new larger dealership, (Same Brand) reached Level II after 5 years of selling and after 11 years of selling was able to reach Level III “Sales Executive”.

Level I Sales Person $0-$99,999 a year “Sales Person”

A level I sales person usually just started in the business.  They are learning, and they have roughly a 1 in 3 chance in sticking in the business over a year. They have an even smaller chance of making any kind of good money or a career out of car sales. They will usually listen and focus to what their manager tells them, do it, and have a couple decent months.

1st Kind of Level I
In that time the rookie will usually have 1 big month where they are one of the top sales people in the dealership. This will ignite the under achievers. They will work together to recruit this new “Spark of Energy” selling all these cars. From here they will deprogram everything good and positive in this rookie and in place put in all the bad habits. This is called the huddle. A group of 10 and under a month sales people standing around waiting to get lucky. They take no pride in themselves or their career, nor do anything to better it. Their goal is to put out the “Spark” and grow the team.

2nd Kind of Level I
This is the salesperson who has been in the business for a couple years and is growing. They joined the huddle for awhile because they were sick of feeling guilty for selling lots of cars. The group took them in if they would turn their positivity into negativity and focus more on fantasy football over marketing themselves and prospecting themselves. After a few pay checks after joining the team they quit the team. They have now been in the business awhile, and are growing to become level II.

3rd Kind of Level I
This is the person who has been in the business for over a year. They are picking up how things work, and watching the best at their dealership close deal after deal. They are so hungry for success and competitive they constantly are thinking, learning, and growing their business. They are smart and understand they may have to move brands or locations to get to the next level. This is the sales person who is destined to the next level… Usually having kids will turn a car sales person into the 3rd kind of Level I.

Level II Sales Person $100,000-$149,999 a year “Sales Professional”

A level II sales person is definitely a successful person. They are one of the top 1% earners in the World. They know what they’re doing, and they go to work to work. They focus on goals, prioritize their day, and have a good grip on the ins and outs of the retail car sales business, self marketing and customer satisfaction. These people are usually at a decent sized dealership, with adequate inventory, good marketing, competent management and a good staff. This usually takes 3-5 years of hard work to get to, and takes a lot of work to maintain.

1st Kind of Level II

This is the rookie phenomenon. This person by nature is very aggressive and ambitious, and is definitely mature. They usually had owned a business or were in a different kind of sales and know about build a clientele, and self marketing. They worked a horrible job, got into car sales and said to themselves “S..T this is easy”, or have a life event like a growing family, large debt due, or an insatiable appetite for money and success. These are like I said a phenom, and very rare I’ve only worked with a very few.

2nd Kind of Level II

These are great sales people the usually have 10 years plus car sales experience. They stick in one spot, with one brand and are great at building and maintaining relationships. If their customers call or email and they miss it, they always respond back in a timely manner with answers and results. They know their product, but better yet they know their customers. They don’t kill themselves chasing ups, but still take them and usually sell them. They know how the dealership works, the politics to stay away from, and what each managers specialty is. They work hard, have a great process, and have become accustomed to the life they live and want to keep it that way.

3rd Kind of Level II

Just like the Sales Person above, they know what they’re doing and how to get the results they desire. This Sales Professional has been offered management, but loves their flexible schedule, leaving when it’s slow, and only having to worry about themselves. The 3rd Kind of level II is destined for Level III “Sales Executive”.

Level III Sales Person $150,000 and Up “Sales Executive”

Well my fellow sales people when you’ve reached the Level III “Sales Executive” you are truly the top of the heap. You are at a level of success where you make more than the average Doctor, Lawyer, and any other big name profession out there. Your day consist of solid processes, hard work, doing whatever it takes with integrity, and getting the results you desire. You know your time is worth money, and never waste a second. Your closing ratio is high, your CSI is tops, your customers love you, and you realize the level of Professionalism and skill you bring to the table and make sure you are paid for it.

The level III Sales Professional does not need sub levels, because you are one of “The Best in the Business”. Your customers never second guess what you tell them, question your knowledge, and rarely even look over the paperwork, because they “Trust You” and you keep their trust. You know the sky’s the limit, and you get what you want on every deal, knowing your worth

Now most of us sales people will start out as Level I and after years of hard work will make it to level II. Many sales people do not want to do all the things it takes to stay level II and may live their career at the top of Level I, which is still a comfortable lifestyle. But their are those few ambitious, hungry, competitive and determined Sales People that when they reach Level II are not satisfied and catapult into Level III.

Car Sales is a fun, demanding, emotional roller coaster. It takes a lot of strategy, and self discipline, but is a hell of a way to make a living. Car Sales is “A tough way to make an easy living” and if you embrace it and put in the time you can give your family a great lifestyle, I know first hand.

Another motivational blog-post written by Noel Walsh. Lead trainer, writer, and principal of NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training of Ann Arbor, Mi and St. George, Ut.
“You don’t know what it’s going to be, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

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The Do’s and Don’ts In Sales

After reading my articles and blog posts you may notice I stress the importance of process and principles in your Selling. This is the importance of keeping the deal moving along and the customer happy. It always boils down to “Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated”.

The Do’s

What you should be doing is what works the same way over and over. You should listen to your customers wants, decipher what is true and false, and start a strategy on how to accommodate their wants and get this all done in a profitable and timely manner.

Do keep your name and profession in front of previous customers, friends, neighbors, and anyone else you know who will need your services.

Do keep your mind on finding and closing customers at every opportunity.

Do keep customers and opportunities in front of you through out your day.

Do keep busy on work and stay away from unproductive negative people at work.

Do make a name for yourself and make an positive impression wherever you go.

The Don’ts

What you shouldn’t be doing is complaining about what isn’t easy. Don’t hang around negative people, and make excuses about why you aren’t producing. Don’t hate on the producers, and down play their production. Remember your the only one that’s going to create the life you want!

Don’t worry about the high producers and money makers schedules, if you work as hard as they do, produce as much as they do, and create as much as they do, one day you can be there too.

Don’t envy/hate the high producers, instead watch and follow what they do, to create the results they create.

Don’t try and just get through the day, try and use every second of the day to make today productive and prosperous, and work to make tomorrow filled with opportunities.

Don’t make excuse for your lack of production , and hang around sales people with the same ambition and results. Then go on to sell this stupid idea to your managers and family that there is a force holding you back….

That force holding you back is you stupid and the like minded people you surround yourself with at work.

Don’t ever judge a book by its cover, under estimate the power of humanity, think of yourself above others, try and make excuses for your lack of action and attention to detail, or try and be successful in life living by shortcuts.

News Flash you won’t move forward, rather slowly slide backwards, and you won’t even keep up with inflation.

Another motivational blog post written by Noel Walsh Creator, Owner, Author, and Lead Trainer of NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating from Ann Arbor, Mi and now also in St. George, Ut.

You don’t know what it’s going
To be and that’s a beautiful thing.

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Keep Asking For the Sale

When you are in sales, especially 100% commission sales the process until the sales is closed can be quite stressful.  All the work and time you invest is in vain until the contract is signed and the customer leaves with the product. There will always be many obstacles and objections you will face and need to overcome in a way that makes sense to the customer. Through the whole process there is one thing you need to do no matter what “Keep Asking For the Sale.”

“Don’t take anything Personal”

When you are in sales, the customer is automatically going to put up a wall. This is their natural defense mechanism. The customer obviously came in to look at, and eventually buy your product or a like product from your competitor. There are huge survey’s and stats that prove most of the time the customer will buy the product from the Sales Person they like, trust, and feel the most comfortable with.

The key is to build a relationship with the customer with out them feeling like you are acting fake. Be yourself, don’t use tacky lines like “this car is all you” or “look how great you look in this car.” Customers aren’t stupid and will see right through this. Find common interests and common ground right from the beginning and continue to build off this the whole way through.

DO NOT get your feelings hurt when customers are rude, or chop you down at the knees through the Relationship Process. This is their natural defense mechanism to keep you at bay. Instead shrug it off with a smile, keep your cool, and keep going after common ground and building a relationship. Eventually they are going to give in, see your true sincerity, and let you into their world and open up honestly. 

“Make the Process Fun & Enjoyable”

In all my years of selling cars, once I got it figured out my customers couldn’t wait to come back and do it again. They would change their buying cycle from 4-5 years to 18 months. The reason being; they were addicted to the Noel Walsh show. They couldn’t get enough of my honest passion talking about my family and our vacations and adventures. I would remember and show true interest in the things that meant the most to them. I would ask about their kids, kids activities, their hobbies, job, and their life in general. I was truly interested and they loved talking about the things they care the most about. I had my customers addicted to the process that went along with them buying a new car, and they knew not only were they getting a new car, going to feel good about themselves, they were also helping the well-being of my family and my success.

I turned a “Painful Experience; spending money” into a “Truly Enjoyable Experience; comradely and friendship.” Not only were they bettering their current car situation, they were helping me support my family, and grow Professionally. They got addicted to the process.

“Have A Plan and Stick With the Plan”

Do what works over and over, the same way, every time to every customer. The old line “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is right on. If the responses you get continue to create success don’t change it. Do what you’ve always done. A customer is going to have a pre-conceived notion of how and what’s going to happen. The customer is accustomed to the way you handle your business. Keep this the same as it creates familiarity and a comfort zone they feel good about doing business in.  

“When someone is comfortable in a normally tense situation, they are more apt to go with the flow in a quick and timely manner.” Have you ever had a customer commit to the deal, you get the delivery and consummation of the deal set up for the next day and all of a sudden they cancel the deal and “Flake out?” Of course you have, we all have. The reason being there was something they just weren’t 100% sold on, there was a little insecurity in the process. If you done these same deals 100’s or 1,000’s of times you should know not to let this happen.

Do the same thing that works over and over, and until the deal is done “Keep Asking For the Sale.”

Another motivational Blog Post written by Noel Walsh the Creator, Lead Trainer, Motivator, and Consultant for NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating. You don’t know what it’s going to be, and that’s a beautiful thing.”


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Everyday In Sales Is Filled With Opportunities

When we decide to make our career in sales, you have to wake up and realize Everyday In Sales Is Filled With Opportunities. When you have an angry or upset customer try and turn their complaint into the opportunity to sell them another service that makes up for what bothers them about their current product or service. Being a great successful sales person is taking a negative and turning it into income rather than turning away from the problem.

What is the best way to create opportunities in your day?

Attitude Attitude Attitude

I read an article the other day on what makes customers leave their sales person or car dealership they do the majority of their business. Surprisingly enough the number one reason customers left wasn’t their competition, product, location, or even price. The number one factor the customer left and 2/3rds of the time was the Attitude of their sales person or an employee of the dealership. With this being said you can’t completely control the attitudes of everyone you work with, but you can control yours. If you walk around smiling all day, being helpful, and solving problems that Attitude will become contagious with fellow employees and most important the customers in front of you. I’ve always stressed this over and over Smiles are Contagious. People want to deal with people who make them comfortable, and most importantly people who make them happy to be around.

How do You stay Motivated when things are Slow?

Busyness Creates Business

When things are slow, and everyone around you is getting negative and sucking the positive life out of you, this is where you have to decide to separate yourself from them and get busy. How do you get busy when no one is walking in, the phones aren’t ringing, and even your email is flat? Create your own business. Walk through the service lounge, buy customers coffee, look at your birthday list, create your own letter to previous customers. You will be amazed when you begin to create something out of nothing how fast your phone will ring, emails come in, and customers walk in the door asking for you. I’ve always realized when you start creating something out of nothing Busyness Creates Business. Not to mention this is like a shield from all the Negative Nelly’s who are determined to bring you down to their level. Conquer the Moment, and leave in your dust what slows you down. 

When nothing seems to come together What Do I Do?

Keep Pushing Pushing Pushing

I remember the words of my owner always telling me, ” Behind every successful Man is a Woman Pushing, Pushing, Pushing.” Take it as you will but the more responsibilities you have, the more your family depends on you, the goals you are reaching to accomplish, and the competition you carry inside to perform against your co-workers, and the best in your business will keep you doing just that. Pushing, Pushing, Pushing, when others are ready to throw in the white flag and surrender you are just getting your second wind. You are now ready to Conquer the Moment, and turn Adversity into Income. This is where a true professional looks themselves in the mirror and says “I can do this, I have to do this, I owe it to my Family, my employer, my Future, and Most Importantly Myself.” I will do this because I have to do this. A never surrender attitude is just what You need to Conquer the Moment. Keep pushing forward no matter what. Even when you are completely exhausted, and feel like you have nothing left, remember the weekends and nighttime are for rest, and your time at work is your obligation to Create, Conquer, and Maximize every Opportunity in front of you to Make Sure You Get Paid for Your Talents. “Conquer What You Chase.”

Another Motivational Blog Post written by Noel Walsh the owner, lead trainer and creator of NW&A Conquer What You Chase Sales Training, Consulting, and Motivating. My goal is to bring you and your team to a level you never imagined, by doing what works over and over and having the Capacity, Mentality, and Ability to do whatever it takes to accomplish what you set out to. If you like what you read please pass it along, drop a comment, and read more at www.nwnasalestraining.com.

“You don’t know what it’s going to become, and that’s a beautiful thing.”


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Keep Moving Forward

Sometimes in life it seems like life is perfect, deals close easy, everyone says yes to whatever you say, and nothing can stop you. Then all of a sudden the wind changes direction, and everything changes. This has and will happen to all of us and it’s part of what grows us and makes us stronger. Whenever we head hard times in life we must continue to Look and Move Forward.

In my 14 years of retail auto sales I have encountered every emotion one can face. I have felt the pride of major accomplishment on a day, in a month, over a year, and through a decade. I have also felt the despair feeling of non-accomplishment, and it seeming like everything I touched crumbled in front of me. I have dealt with these polar emotions over the good times, the bad times, the past, and the present. Regardless of what life has thrown at me I Keep Moving Forward. Knowing that ahead of me will be better days, worse days, and that I will Conquer every obstacle that comes my way.



Failure keeps us from getting back up when we get knocked down, and without the right mindset can keep us from trying again. If you ever read anyone who has truly Conquered Success life story it begins with failure upon failure. What launched these high achievers to an elite status is when they got knocked down, they got back up. When someone told them it couldn’t be done, they did it. When the world and there surroundings closed in on them, they opened it up. They would not take no for an answer, they would not give up until they succeeded. They did what it took to overcome every obstacle, and they Kept Moving Forward.


Pride is something that is tough for all of us, and me especially to deal with. We should be proud of our kids, our family and our accomplishments. However we cannot let our pride overtake us and change who we set out to be. It is good to be proud of a great month, or year, or career yet we do not want to become boastful or condescending. Realize what you have done in your career to stand where you do, and be proud of your family and the things you’ve accomplished. Remember along the way to never lose your humbleness, and never let your pride put you above other people as it will come back to haunt you. Be proud of what you have overcome, stay humble and Keep Moving Forward.


Respect is earned when respect is given and respect is deserved. I see so many people who are disrespectful to people who they see as below them, and these are usually the same people who are so hurt when they feel they are not respected by the people they look up to and  they see above them. I have dealt with this in my career when I worked my tail off, and felt it was unnoticed and in vain. There is a famous line ” Don’t look for a pat on the back on your way to the top, but you’ll realize how much you were appreciated and respected when you reach the top.” Don’t let other peoples lack of appreciation hold you back, rather let it push you harder. Feel free to separate yourself from the negative people that hold you back, but never consider yourself better than someone else. Whether you feel un-appreciated or not getting the respect you deserve Keep Moving Forward.



Forward to me is one of the most motivating words in the English language. It permeates accomplishment and great things. One of my favorite shows on TV is Mad Men and of course my favorite character is Don Draper. One of my favorite lines he ever said “I only move in one direction, Forward.” Now if you watched the show he has had so many accomplishments and he was un-stoppable until his ways finally caught up to him like they always do. He was then humbled, put his pride behind him, overcame his down fall and continued to move Forward.

This is exactly what it takes to move Forward. Sometimes we let ourselves get ahead of us and we lose track of what we set out to do. Being humbled will let us do the soul searching we need to learn to continue to grow. Ooh yes you will get knocked of the tracks, and the envious, negative people that hated watching you grow will laugh and smile. This is where you leap to the next level, get back on your feet and Keep Moving Forward.


Another Motivational Blog post written by Principal, Lead Trainer Noel Walsh Creator of “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating from Ann Arbor Michigan. http://nwnasalestraining.com


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“Conquering What You Chase”

We are all trying to Conquer something in our life.

Whether it is love or happiness, acceptance or money, we are Chasing. We are animals with complicated instincts. We have instincts of hope and faith, desire and passion, and this is what separates us from other animals. This is part of what puts us and keeps us at the top of the food chain, our passion and desire to Conquer What You Chase.

Everyone of us has a desire to succeed, and still be accepted by our family and peers. Other animals instincts are to survive they eat, procreate, and protect their habitat. We have the same exact instincts but they are much more complicated, we also carry desires. Desire comes from passion which is fueled by emotion. With these desires we lust for power, money, fame, and fortune. This comes from our need to be accepted by the pack, which is not a lot different from other animals.   



To Chase is good. The Chase is going after goals, and without goals you are chasing your tail. It is good and human to want to succeed; ambition is a great trait. Reaching success with morals and ethics is what keeps you there, successful. With the ambition to succeed above all others, with a true passion of what you are chasing will lead you to your desires. It is the passion and energy that will drive you through the down and tough times to come out stronger than ever before. Through the Chase you must remember what you set out to do and keep Focused on your Goal through the whole Chase.



Through the Chase you must prove your ambition and desire is driven by Talent, and a Capacity to stand strong through the ups and downs of the Chase. This is Conquering, getting things done, making things happen, and taking responsibility. These are all traits that separate the Leaders from the followers; standing tall through the storms and leading all who follow to win. This is the personality of a Conquistador. A ambitious leader going into uncharted territories to become the best. Focus on the prize and lead from your heart and what you know is right to Conquer what you deserve.


What You

Yes you make the difference. Even though there are similar products, and services it is you that closes the sale and makes people come back. It is your enthusiasm and passion that people are buying. Act on your instincts, and never take advice from someone that you don’t aspire to be when the advice they give you goes against what you believe. If you want to be the best you have to believe you are the best.

Yes it is a world where “Nice guys finish Last.” Keep in mind it is also a world where the one who does right, works hard, and believes in their abilities will stand the test of time. This is how you “Conquer What You Chase.” 

Another motivational Blog Post written by Noel Walsh Creator and Lead Writer of NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting, Motivating from Ann Arbor, Mi.


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