My 19 Takeaways From My Interview With Joe Girard

1. Separate yourself from the huddle; don’t be friends with co-workers, they don’t eat at your house, you don’t eat at their house.

2. We’re not in the car business, furniture business, or the housing business, we’re in the people business.

3. His WHY was because he had to. He lost his contractor business, he lost his house, he had his wife pleading to him they had no food, so he went and found a job selling cars that day and came home with two bags of groceries.

4. His first job he interviewed for they wouldn’t hire him because of no previous experience; so he pleaded with the owner to give him a desk and a phone and he wouldn’t take any customers coming through the door. He sold his first customer that night a professional after hours who told him he was the best salesperson he ever dealt with in all his car buying experiences; the bug was unleashed.

5. Joe didn’t play any games.

6. Joe only sold new cars, “Because his service shop could service them properly” he split all the used with his partner.

7. Don’t take no for an answer from customers, managers, or owners.

8. Joe got salespeople fired for skating and managers fired for penciling his deals and trades.

9. Time is valuable, it’s ok to hire help vs. trying to do everything on your own and being greedy.

10. Joe created his own BDC, he had two full time ladies setting appointments and two full time men doing demos, trade appraisals, handling follow up, and doing deliveries.

11. Joe had a 10 minute timer that his customers were allowed, because of the large crowd of waiting customers.

12. Joe’s philosophy was: Customers are greedy, make them work for you and offer the highest referrals in the area and pay cold hard cash.

13. Joe’s marketing philosophy: Never let go of your own customers, send out your own mailers, spend your own marketing dollars, customers got a piece of mail every three months as well as a phone call.

14. Joe sent 15,000 pieces of mail on his own dime every few months.

15. Joe spent more on marketing than his owner and sold more cars than the rest of the sales-staff combined.

16. Joe was hated on by fellow employees, competitors, and the ownership because of his popularity and production.

17. Run your business inside a business.

18. Know when it’s time to quit, call it quits. Joe retired on 12/24/1977, seven years after he promised himself that as a Christmas gift to himself.

19. Joe Girard sold an all-time record of 13,001 cars in 15 years, all retail and no fleet, which is still in the Guinness Book of World Records.

How To Build A Clientele In Car Sales

The way to truly become successful and a money making machine in car sales is by building a Clientele.  Yes people if you focus on One thing it’s being real, taking care of people and building a residual paying Clientele.

Make Every Deal

In your early career in Sales you first job is to learn as much as you can from the pros and your managers, talk to as many people as you can, and make every deal when there is a shred of a chance.  By making these deals and learning as much as you can, your building a Clientele.  While closing deals and learning the systems and processes your gaining wisdom and value.  Your learning how to close deals.  Your learning how to overcome objections while building value in yourself and the product.  Sometimes you may not want to take a skinny deal because the customer is a pain.  But remember every deal you make; you deliver another car, make a commission, and now have new future car deal, as well as referrals in the future.  Don’t ever think your too big, focus on building your Future through building a Clientele.

Stay With One Brand and One Dealership

The longer you stay with a brand and in the same dealership you create familiarity and trust in yourself to the customer.  This is proving that you are a professional who has been with the same brand at the same place, and you are going to be right there when they need you.  When you switch dealerships the nation average is 20% of customers will follow a good sales person.  That means if you switch dealers 80% of what you built into a Clientele is not gonna chase you down and will move on.  That also means 80% of your referrals will never make it to you.  Make it easy for your customers to find you.


Some regions are so terrified of leasing, and think they’re doing their customer a justice by putting them in long term purchases at high rates are crazy.  Lease as many people as you can for the shortest term you can.  Leasing is actually doing you, your customer, and your whole dealership a service.  Here’s some math:
24 mo lease
8 years
2 cars every 24 mo = 8 cars
That’s 8 cars in 8 years for a couple

72 mo buy
8 years
2 cars every 4 years = 4
That’s 4 cars in 8 years for a couple in buys.

Reason being that most people put little to no money down and finance 72 mo, and longer in some places.  You won’t be able to trade them out without negative equity usually until 2/3rds through the contract which would be 4 years.

So by putting them in leasing, you have no trade in to deal with, which no one is ever happy with what their trade is worth.  You have a guaranteed shot at their business in 20-24 months.  You are keeping their payment low, and keeping them out of high repair costs.

Really leasing is a win win for everyone involved.
Your keeping the customer in a brand new car with low maintenance at an affordable payment.
Your keeping your manufacturer selling their product, at a residual pace.
Your keeping your dealership selling new cars, doing the maintenance, and keeping them loyal to you and the dealership for all their car needs.
You get to start taking advantage of those residual commissions every 2 years. A Clientele that promotes leasing, you, the brand, and the dealership.
If you aren’t leasing your missing the boat, because leasing is where it’s at in new car sales.

Stay In Touch, Mail and Prospect

“Customers don’t always remember the deal they got dealing with you, but the always remember the feeling they got dealing with you.”  Make your customers feel good about themselves and what they buy.

To keep the Clientele warm and fuzzy for you, you have to stay in their memory so that when someone talks about a car, they start talking about you.
Yes you should send out monthly emails.
Mail them a Christmas and Birthday card.
Mail them promotional specials on vehicles and service often.
Mail out lease renewal, customers in equity and special program letters bi-annually.
Mail thanks for stopping in and thanks for buying cards.
Mail thanks for stopping into service, and sorry I missed you cards.
Mail and email out a blog, newsletter, or Pro Tips every quarter.
Always visit and chat while they are in the service lounge. This will concrete your relationship with them and prove you are there to help.  Whenever your customers walk up to your deal or you see them around the dealership, chat with them.  They want to know you remember them, and care enough about them to see how things are going.

Be Genuine & Be Yourself

It’s that easy, be genuine and be yourself.  If you are real with people and let them grow to like, trust, and appreciate you, you will then get the real them.  A loyal customers who trusts you and your abilities and is happy to tell and refer others to you.  Being yourself, having integrity, and being one of your word will payoff dividends for your career and life beyond Belief.

Another motivational Sales Blog Post written by Noel Walsh Creator, Owner, Lead Trainer & Writer from NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating of Ann Arbor, Mi and recently St. George, Ut.

“You don’t know what it’s going to be, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

A Car Sales Person’s Guide to Income Levels

A Car Sales Person’s Guide to Income Levels

When you are in commission sales you in various ways have the ability to dictate your income. There are many outside factors that will affect your ability to earn such as; inventory, weather, market trends, good or bad press, gas prices, interest rates, size of your dealer, brand you sell, management/owners and thousands of others.

The most important factor that dictates your overall income; where you fall with your peers, and where you rate at is, Yourself.

An ambitious, hungry sales person with a family to support and a lot of overhead is more likely to earn more and do what it takes to grow. Compared to a person who just wants a job, has to have a job, has low overhead, or someone in the family who is the bread winner will often not have the same hunger and ambition as the strapped sales person.

Ultimately the outside factors are a force, but the ambitious one will overcome and change them. The ambitious sales person destined for success will do what they need to do to survive, grow, move forward and Conquer Success. Where the sales person who looks at it simply as a job will most likely not last long. The unsuccessful sales person will Pick up the habits of the other unsuccessful sales people. They will all huddle together, being underachievers, complain how it can’t be done while watching the Ambitious sales person do it in front of their eyes. They will then try and take away their hard work by down playing the ambitious sales persons success as un-earned and given to them from the management.

Here are the III Levels of a Car Sales Person’s income and where it rates you compared to your peers.

Where do you rate, and how long did it take you to get there? I started at a high Level I, after moving to a new larger dealership, (Same Brand) reached Level II after 5 years of selling and after 11 years of selling was able to reach Level III “Sales Executive”.

Level I Sales Person $0-$99,999 a year “Sales Person”

A level I sales person usually just started in the business.  They are learning, and they have roughly a 1 in 3 chance in sticking in the business over a year. They have an even smaller chance of making any kind of good money or a career out of car sales. They will usually listen and focus to what their manager tells them, do it, and have a couple decent months.

1st Kind of Level I
In that time the rookie will usually have 1 big month where they are one of the top sales people in the dealership. This will ignite the under achievers. They will work together to recruit this new “Spark of Energy” selling all these cars. From here they will deprogram everything good and positive in this rookie and in place put in all the bad habits. This is called the huddle. A group of 10 and under a month sales people standing around waiting to get lucky. They take no pride in themselves or their career, nor do anything to better it. Their goal is to put out the “Spark” and grow the team.

2nd Kind of Level I
This is the salesperson who has been in the business for a couple years and is growing. They joined the huddle for awhile because they were sick of feeling guilty for selling lots of cars. The group took them in if they would turn their positivity into negativity and focus more on fantasy football over marketing themselves and prospecting themselves. After a few pay checks after joining the team they quit the team. They have now been in the business awhile, and are growing to become level II.

3rd Kind of Level I
This is the person who has been in the business for over a year. They are picking up how things work, and watching the best at their dealership close deal after deal. They are so hungry for success and competitive they constantly are thinking, learning, and growing their business. They are smart and understand they may have to move brands or locations to get to the next level. This is the sales person who is destined to the next level… Usually having kids will turn a car sales person into the 3rd kind of Level I.

Level II Sales Person $100,000-$149,999 a year “Sales Professional”

A level II sales person is definitely a successful person. They are one of the top 1% earners in the World. They know what they’re doing, and they go to work to work. They focus on goals, prioritize their day, and have a good grip on the ins and outs of the retail car sales business, self marketing and customer satisfaction. These people are usually at a decent sized dealership, with adequate inventory, good marketing, competent management and a good staff. This usually takes 3-5 years of hard work to get to, and takes a lot of work to maintain.

1st Kind of Level II

This is the rookie phenomenon. This person by nature is very aggressive and ambitious, and is definitely mature. They usually had owned a business or were in a different kind of sales and know about build a clientele, and self marketing. They worked a horrible job, got into car sales and said to themselves “S..T this is easy”, or have a life event like a growing family, large debt due, or an insatiable appetite for money and success. These are like I said a phenom, and very rare I’ve only worked with a very few.

2nd Kind of Level II

These are great sales people the usually have 10 years plus car sales experience. They stick in one spot, with one brand and are great at building and maintaining relationships. If their customers call or email and they miss it, they always respond back in a timely manner with answers and results. They know their product, but better yet they know their customers. They don’t kill themselves chasing ups, but still take them and usually sell them. They know how the dealership works, the politics to stay away from, and what each managers specialty is. They work hard, have a great process, and have become accustomed to the life they live and want to keep it that way.

3rd Kind of Level II

Just like the Sales Person above, they know what they’re doing and how to get the results they desire. This Sales Professional has been offered management, but loves their flexible schedule, leaving when it’s slow, and only having to worry about themselves. The 3rd Kind of level II is destined for Level III “Sales Executive”.

Level III Sales Person $150,000 and Up “Sales Executive”

Well my fellow sales people when you’ve reached the Level III “Sales Executive” you are truly the top of the heap. You are at a level of success where you make more than the average Doctor, Lawyer, and any other big name profession out there. Your day consist of solid processes, hard work, doing whatever it takes with integrity, and getting the results you desire. You know your time is worth money, and never waste a second. Your closing ratio is high, your CSI is tops, your customers love you, and you realize the level of Professionalism and skill you bring to the table and make sure you are paid for it.

The level III Sales Professional does not need sub levels, because you are one of “The Best in the Business”. Your customers never second guess what you tell them, question your knowledge, and rarely even look over the paperwork, because they “Trust You” and you keep their trust. You know the sky’s the limit, and you get what you want on every deal, knowing your worth

Now most of us sales people will start out as Level I and after years of hard work will make it to level II. Many sales people do not want to do all the things it takes to stay level II and may live their career at the top of Level I, which is still a comfortable lifestyle. But their are those few ambitious, hungry, competitive and determined Sales People that when they reach Level II are not satisfied and catapult into Level III.

Car Sales is a fun, demanding, emotional roller coaster. It takes a lot of strategy, and self discipline, but is a hell of a way to make a living. Car Sales is “A tough way to make an easy living” and if you embrace it and put in the time you can give your family a great lifestyle, I know first hand.

Another motivational blog-post written by Noel Walsh. Lead trainer, writer, and principal of NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training of Ann Arbor, Mi and St. George, Ut.
“You don’t know what it’s going to be, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

Be Of Value

In my years in life, being a consumer, a worker, a Father a Husband and a Friend there has always been 1 thing I look for; Value.

I always look for the value in everything. The value of a purchase, the value of a song, the value of a friendship, and the value in a lesson. There is value in every thought, decision, word, and smile throughout your day.  Adversely there is a negative value a portion of the time.

How do you decide, or make the Value?

Well we’ve all heard all the quotes and have seen the motivational posters about attitude. Which this is true, Attitude is everything, or at least as the poster says and wiseman have been quoted 90% of what happens to you is your attitude and reaction.

There are two kinds of value:

1st: Genuine Value that creates, grows, comforts, cultivates, and gives to others.  Someone of genuine value comes into work smiling and friendly, gets right to business doing what they’re paid to do, helping others along the way, making their activity create attention and results, and accommodating the needs and wants of the customer.

This is value to the employee, their co-workers, their employers, their customers, and their family. Their valuable actions and productivity through the day add a spark to everyone around them. This spark they shared, is then spread around from the crowd onto other crowds. This sensation is quite addicting, and spreads fast and far like the gospel.

2nd: Non-value that sucks, slows, derails production, kills attitudes, and decreases production and potential. Someone of non-value is always negative and dying to tell you No. They want to tell you how it can’t be done, it’s impossible to get there from here, today’s not the day, nows not the time, it ain’t gonna happen.

These people not only hold no value, like I mentioned in their description above they suck the value out of others. They decrease value from all those around them, which spreads like a plague. They make days dreadful, dreams disappear, and turn smiles upside down faster than hurricane winds. These people not only hold no value, they suck the value out of everyone in their path.

There are few things we can control in life. One thing we can control is our attitude and how we let situations effect us. When you smile through the good and bad, the tough and the easy, we become a role model. Others see you from a distance and what you walk through and deal with and you become a leader to those looking on. You become an influence, a role model, and a trailblazer. You prove by your actions that it can be done, and you show your on-lookers how. You create value with your actions, that is contagious to others. This positive value based action is then spread from your family, circles, workplace and life to others.

So when you see the person at the checkout counter with the frown, like “I hate being here” switch lines even if the wait is longer. Get in the line with the smiling clerk, a smile that says “I’m here to help, and make your time with me valuable, and enjoyable.”

Life is all about choices, and your 1st and most important choice is your attitude. After that finding ways to create positive value, in everything you do, and everyone you meet. Choose wisely and create value, it will come back around when you need it.

Another Motivational blog post written by Noel Walsh owner, writer, lead trainer of NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating from Ann Arbor, Mi and now also St. George, Ut. You don’t know what it’s going to be, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Be The Celebrity In Sales

The best, the very best way to be effective and build a clientele in Sales is to Be The Celebrity. The better known you are in your community and social circles the more you become The Trusted Source for that product and service. If you are in Car Sales you sell all these people their cars, if your a accountant their taxes, restaurant owners their meals and on and on.

Network Network Network

Get out and about with other professionals… If you have a family, you definitely need to make lots of quality time for them, but also get out and make an impact with like minded professionals. The more you are known and liked by like minded professionals the referrals and leads will start coming from every angle. People like referring their clients and customers to people they know, like and trust. From here make sure to repay the favor and when people ask who you recommend  you’ve got a name and number instantly.

Join a country club, golf league, chamber of commerce, church groups, coach kids sports, whatever you do become part of a team. You will create a following and be THE BRAND of whatever it is you sell and represent. I’ve always gone by the philosophy Enthusiasm Sells, but actually being known and liked sells even more Effectively.

I’ve been in Auto Sales for 14 years, and even though I thought I was a can’t loose natural after a strong 1st year I followed it up with three mediocre years. The reason being I was not making enough new connections, prospecting like a professional, and being seen in my community by prospective buyers as the salesman to do business with.  After not having fun barely getting by, the birth of my daughter, and my wife staying at home I needed to make some serious professional changes. I went to work for a bigger Car Dealership Varsity Ford and I did what it took to succeed.

I worked on building a great relationship with my customers as well as giving them world class customer service. I took the dreadful experience of buying a car and turned it into a Buying Experience where I gave my customers a happy feeling they eagerly looked forward to… I moved from a small house in the country to a big house in a subdivision. I went from going to church to becoming part of the church family. I was seen in town with my wife and kids being a good dad, and creating a reputation as the family man I strived to be. Within three years of a big dealership change to the number 3 Ford Dealership in the Nation and moving to a new town I became the top sales professional in production and customer satisfaction and haven’t looked back for 7 years.

I built a reputation and network in my community and in my circles and became the go to guy when it was time for people to get a car.

Be Seen and Known for Who You Are and What You Do

Get out and about, be seen , rub shoulders and make an impact. When people start to recognize you and ask questions about you, great news you’ve reached Celebrity Status. People are talking about you, and you have intrigued them. Now let your personality shine, go meet these onward watches and introduce yourself, your family, what it is you do, and when they’re ready how happy you would be to help. When you can approach business and your services in a non-threatening way, and environment where the potential buyer is comfortable your going to make a big impact and leave a lasting impression.

When your out remember this is your best time to make a lasting impact and pick up future business, so make it count. Watch who you surround yourself by; the company you keep, and always, I mean always act like a professional.

Never Loose Focus of the Prize, And Never Sacrifice Your Integrity

Remember everyone you meet; friend of a friend, kids friends parents, mother of a family at church, dad of a son on a baseball team, they are all potential clients. You have them in a non-threatening environment, and you have their attention. Use this to its fullest. Don’t act fake, lie, overpower, or ignore any future opportunity. If you stay consistent you will continually build your reputation and plant the seemed as this is The Person You Want To Do Business With. Create Your BRAND.

Integrity is what you do when people aren’t looking, but you never do know who is watching and listening to you in a large group. Never ever ever sacrifice what you believe to be right, and true to better yourself, because it always comes around. The last thing you ever want to do is sacrifice your morals and reputation you’ve worded so hard to create.

Be Yourself, Work Hard, Be a Giver and a Gracious Receiver and you will be amazed at what kind of success you can Conquer and Achieve.

Another motivational Blog Post written by Noel Walsh. Creator, Lead Trainer, Writer, Motivator and Consultant for NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating from Ann Arbor, Mi and now also in St George, Ut. “You don’t know what it’s going to be and that’s a beautiful thing.”

Consistently Consistent

My partner in Car Sales would always remind the rest of the sales staff how he was Consistently Consistent. This was a catch line he would constantly repeat all the time. And if you think about it that comment is the root of all Sales, doing the same things over and over that work and being Consistent creates consistent results.


Go into work everyday with a the positive attitude you are the best there is at what you do, and you are going to get paid for your talents that day. Keep the attitude no matter what comes your way good or bad, you are going to make the best of it. Focus on all the positives you have in front of you to use as tools, and overcome all the negatives you face to make you stronger. A positive attitude is your best tool to stay consistent.

Work Ethic

“If you want to be the best you have to work harder and smarter than the rest.”

When you stop and look at the high producers in your organization you will notice that they do the things other people are too lazy to do, they always stay busy, and make every motion productive. Work ethic is also respecting ones own time as well respecting that of the customer and fellow employees. Having work ethic you utilize every moment, stream line your processes and are willing to do whatever it takes to move things along and close them out.


Make sure every day, and every time you are with a customer you make a point to make a lasting impression. No matter your mood, the type of day you are having, or whatever is on your mind keep good vibrations flowing from you to your customer. As a sales professional you should be leading the conversation and relationship growth, but make the customer feel they are in charge. Work on creating “Your Brand” Yourself the whole time you are with the customer, leave them with a lasting impression that will remind them of you whenever your product or services comes up in any conversation. Always Be Selling & Always Be Closing is so true, just don’t act like that is what you are doing

Your first priority should always be making the customer happy, give them the best service and repeat again. When you streamline your processes and make things easy, you will be surprised how often your customers return for the same professional service and accommodation. Do what works the same way over and over every time and you will stay Consistently Consistent.

Another Motivational Sales Blog Post written by Noel Walsh Owner and lead writer from  NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training Consulting & Motivating from Ann Arbor, Mi.



I’m Looking for a Professional, Courteous, Knowledgeable Sales Person

If you’ve ever been in car sales, or any retail sales for that matter you’ve always heard the low man on the totem pole complain about how they got skated again. These are always the guys who are trying to drive and bring down everyone else to their level.

“More often people will try and drive you down to their level, rather than pump you up a notch.”

These are the same sales people who are always blaming the high producing sales people for stealing their customers. Fact is they did everything in their power to push this buyer into the hands of a sales professional, and the customer was much happier there. They failed to make enough of an impact on this customer for the customer to even remember their name. So when the customer comes back and is greeted by a Sales Professional with greeting that shows Courtesy and Professionalism, the last sales person they spent five minutes with was the last thing on their mind. That customer was never the low producers customer, he just spent five minutes with them is all.

Be A Professional

If you want to make an impact on a customer, always act, walk, and talk like a professional. There is a good chance the customer you have in front of you has been shopping around at your competition, whether it be on the grounds, on the phone, or by Internet and email. Don’t get me wrong the customer is looking for the best deal, but most importantly they are looking around for a true Sales Professional. First impressions are lasting, so make sure you greet them with a big smile, great eye contact, a firm hand shake and confidence in your voice. Prove to them right away, I am exactly what you’ve been looking for and I’m going to put all this painful shopping behind you today on a good product, at a fair price, with a true Professional.

Keep the professionalism going the whole time from start to finish. Stay away from slang, swearing, laziness, shortcuts, and I don’t know’s. Always replace “I don’t know” with “let Me find out”. Know your product and pricing, and know your competion’s product and pricing. These will all prove to your customer that you are a Professional.

Be Courteous

When you sincerely listen to your customer, and truly care to help them get as close as they can to what they are trying to accomplish they will sense this. It is said “Successful Sales People serve their customers, not sell them”. This is true, when you are serving your customers wants and needs to the best of your ability this will lead to success. Always treat every prospect as a real buyer. Even if at the time your customer does not have the means or ability to buy, you can pretty much guarantee there will be a time eventually in their life where they will be capable of buying your product. If you treated them with courtesy and respect they will remember this, send you referrals, and look you up when they are ready.

My Grandmother always taught us the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. A simple way to be a Courteous person.

Be Knowledgeable

Customers like dealing with a Sales Person who knows their product, can answer their questions, and knows what they’re talking about. There is a good chance in today’s market a lot of your customers are going to know as much as you if not more about the product they are looking to buy. (The average customers spends over 18 hours researching the large product’s they are going to purchase). So with that being said, if you want to keep up in today’s market know your product, as well as you competion’s product so you don’t look like a fool in front of your customers. Answer all their question’s and like always in Sales build value in your product, every opportunity you get, and every time you answer one of your customers questions.

Knowledge is power, and people like to deal with people who answer their questions, and know what they are talking about.

So when you hear the under-producer whine about how the successful Sales Person stole their customer, remember the customer was never their’s. The customer choose the kind of Sales Person they were looking for “I’m Looking for a Professional, Courteous, Knowledgeable Sales Person” and when they find that Sales Person with the right questions and value building they are going to be ready to buy.

Another Motivational blog post written by Noel Walsh Owner, Author, Lead Trainer, and Motivator From NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting & Motivating from Ann Arbor, Mi.




Give & Take

We live in a world where things seem to work themselves out in one way or another. We are usually on the top end or bottom end of a situation, that over time shifts and then we are on the other end. We live in a world where at one time we will Give at times & Take at others. Remember it is better to give than receive.


When you can give it’s a beautiful thing. It’s proof you have an amount of success where you can afford to give and share. Success isn’t rated on posession’s and money alone but true wealth of love, kindness, gratitude, and charity to those who need, deserve, appreciate, and will pay it forward. When you can share and pay forward to what someone has given you this is all part of Give & Take.

I remember when I was having a horrible month in car sales, and a successful salesman asked me “Hows your month going”. I told him “I was weak and I couldn’t sell a car to anyone”. He replied “With an attitude like that you won’t sell anything to anyone” and reminded me I was a good salesman and to just go out and sell. I ended up having a great month, and became one of the Top Ford Salesman in the Nation. It was him not excepting my negative thought of myself and re-instating in me my talent. I never forgot that to this day, and always tried to pay it forward when people with talent had doubts in their-self, and abilities.


You cannot be a gracious giver, if you cannot Take or accept gifts from others. You have to learn to Take if you want to be able to be a good Giver. Take whatever is free and of value in life or what is offered to you, you never know what you will be able to build off of that. Give whatever you have excess of in life, to someone who will use and benefit from that gift. One day you hope they will be in a situation to pass along and share the same good Graces to someone deserving. It’s all about sharing your abundance in time, talent, and treasures with someone who will Take that gift and Give it on to someone in need.

I remember recently talking with previous colleagues and friends I haven’t seen in awhile about being in a comfort Zone and being nervous about completely branching off with my Sales Training & Consulting business. My friend stated ” You are afraid of relying completely on your own abilities, even though you know they are there.” He Gave me his outlook on my position and it is up to me to Take it for all it’s worth.

Another motivational blog post written by Noel Walsh, Owner, Lead Trainer, Consultant, and Motivator of NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting, & Motivating from Ann Arbor, Mi.

Work harder than anyone next to you, and strive to be the best at what your good at to become Great.

Chasing Your Dreams To Conquer Success

When you have a dream the only way to Conquer that dream is to whole-heartedly, and passionately Chase that dream.  On your way to the top people who have never been there will give you advice.  Remember advice will either help you or hurt you so be cautious who you take it from.

Conquer What You Chase

If you have a dream, it’s up to you to Chase that dream.  With a little luck and a lot of hard work you can Conquer the dream that you Chase.  Life will throw you a lot of curve balls, and you will find out people you know well might just not want to see you Conquer that success.  Don’t let these disappointments and set backs bring you down, feed off them and stay focused.  Life is about learning, and you can’t learn if you don’t try.  So jump into your dreams with both feet, and don’t except the word NO or set backs on your way up.  Conquer and overcome them.

Learn From Defeat

One of the hardest things to overcome in life is disappointment. When someone you truly trust and believe in disappoints you in life you cannot let this bring you down or pull you out of your beliefs. Keep pushing forward to do what you believe is right, and work to get better at whatever it is that you want to be. One of the biggest defeats you can learn from is disappointment in your self. Shame is the worst emotion for anyone to carry in life and it can be overcome. If you consciously and actively work on overcoming your down falls and replacing them with something good that benefits other people, and you will persevere.

Don’t Make Excuses

In life their are people who make excuses, and people who don’t make excuses. If you want to be successful don’t make excuses, and don’t except excuses. There will always be reasons why something didn’t happen as planned, so when this happens give logical reasons why not excuses. Same being said when something promised to you dosen’t happen like it should have, ask for a reason why and do not except a weak excuse. When plans don’t go as planned improvise, and find a solution to keep progress moving forward.

Be True In You Words & Your Actions

It’s always easier to remember what you said when you tell the truth. When you live a life of white lies, and fabricated stories you will forget what you told people. What’s worse is if you made an impact on someone years before with a untrue story when they hear you tell them something different you loose all credibility. Be true to yourself, your family, the people around you, and your customers and people will appreciate you for who you are; not what you deceived them to believe you are. Same being said when you tell someone your going to do something let your actions show you are making your greatest attempt to do what you said you were going to do.

Life doesn’t always work out the way we hoped or planned it would. So when it doesn’t improvise, re-evaluate the situation, and take massive action to get the results you set out to accomplish. Don’t take no for an answer, and never sell yourself short of what you are capable of. This my friends is “Chasing Your Dreams To Conquer Success.” Anything else is holding yourself and your future back.

Another motivational Blog Post written by Noel Walsh Owner, Writter, and Lead Trainer of ” Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training, Consulting and Motivating from Ann Arbor, Mi.



“Warm and Fuzzy Feeling” Building the Relationship

It’s amazing how we get our confidence from successful to unsuccessful people, and it is taken from us from the same people. Confidence is what drives a sales person, but the customer relationship is what builds a sales person.

Sometimes we are so confident in our self and abilities we forget what really gets us to our level of success. The Customers! Without customers buying our product and paying for our services, we are Nothing!

People buy from people they Know, Like, and Trust. You should never believe that your services, product, or yourself are so needed that no one can resist; reason being because although your confidence, knowledge, and value in your product are desired, it is the feeling of value and assurance of a good and the right value that seals the deal. No matter how well rehearsed you are, how good your product is, until you can prove the value and get your customer that “Warm and Fuzzy Feeling” your not much ahead of your competition.

People no matter who they are want to feel important. People want to feel like they are in control, and when they are on the purchasing end of a transaction they are in control. People are also; although not always consciously, are nervous when it comes to making big decisions especially with money. So how does a sales professional overcome this?

By building value in your self and product and creating a relationship. You create a relationship by walking into their personal life for a minute and out of their professional life; although not completely. You don’t take the corny approach and ask about their weekend or family seconds before you try to close the deal. What you do is start a professional relationship hinting who you really are through charm and humor, just enough to keep them interested while extracting information about who they really are in the process. A customer is going to have a wall up, because they have the leverage and the money and they can get the product they need at a variety of businesses.

You find out if their a family man, a party girl, the life of the party or the one wanting to be left alone. Once you have an idea after a presentation of your product and basic relationship building you start asking questions about their plans for the weekend, thoughts on a local to you or them sports team, the weather or anything else anyone can talk about. Don’t dive your personal beliefs in to fast as you don’t want to push them away. Once you find what really drives them, feel free to massage that happiness in their life, but never in a way that seems fake or obvious.

Being a Sales Professional is not about being fake, or insincere. Being a Sales Professional is about being the best person you can to the consumer across from you , on the other line, or across the web. Being a Sales Professional is about bringing a great product to a great customer in a way viable for everyone fulfilling more than one party’s need but instead all party’s needs.

When a customer sees this is your true intention they will get that “Warm and Fuzzy Feeling” and appreciate what you did, because you have made them your friend, filled their need, and evaporated their nervousness of the transaction/sale. Congratulations your a Sales Professional. Now that confidence is well deserved.

Another motivational blog post written by Noel Walsh of NW&A “Conquer What You Chase” Sales Training & Consulting from Ann Arbor, Mi.